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"Kick-Ass" the movie is now showing in Japan. I took this picture in NY about one year ago. At that time, I didn't know the story at all but I took this because I was interested in the poster which was posted in the city.
I'm going to watch this because the trailer looks interesting. Is there someone else who has watched this?
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This circus can be seen beside the Lincoln center which can be viewed on my previous blogI took some pictures because it is unusual sight for me and it is actually uncommon to see circus in Japan.

It creates a fantastic atmosphere in the city.
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The Lion King

日本でも有名なミュージカル「ライオンキング」に行きました! これは本場NYブロードウエイでも1、2を争う人気のミュージカルで、NYに行く前からこれだけは観ておきたいと思っていたミュージカルです。

I went to a musical The Lion King that is famous in Japan too! This is one of the most popular musical in Broad way in NY, so this is the one that I'll go there definitely since before I went to NY. 


This is a cut from stairs between entrance and hall. It makes me more exciting!


Eventually, the show started! The scene that giraffes are coming with the big sunset makes me very excited! The actors' voice, acting and beauty of scenic art help me lead to cry even though it was just started...
Set in the African savannah, many kinds of animals make the story to sing and dance. I was so impressed with the beauty of their makeup and the detail of set.
I really enjoyed the best genuine musical!!
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Enjoy Watching NBA

念願のNBA観戦に行ってきました! NYがホームのKNICKS vs フィラデルフィア76ersの試合でした。PM7:30から試合が開始しましたが、最初はけっこう客席もまばらでした。しかしながら試合が進むにつれてかなり席も埋まってました。

I went to watch NBA game that I was eager to go to! It was a game of NY NKICKS vs Philadelphia 76ers. It started at 7:30pm. When the game started, the venue wasn't crowded but was getting crowded as the game went.


Beginning of the game, KNICKS often missed, so they were many points behind. But the game went to over, they were getting better and leveled the score. Finally it was really close like catch up 1 point each other.


In the 4th quarter, the audiences were really excited! When KNICKS shot 3 points shoot or blocked beautifully in the nice timing, everyone stood and cheered excitedly!


We could enjoy Cheerleaders' dances and some events during brake time also.

最終的には92 : 88でKNICKSが勝ちました! 実際のところKNICKSはそんなに強くないのでゲームがあんまり面白くないと聞いていたのでちょっと心配していたのですが、全体的にいいゲームで初NBA観戦はかなり楽しめました!

In the event, KNICKS won the game as 92:88! Actually I was worried that I've heard KNICKS wasn't strong, so their game would be boring. However fortunately it was nice game, so I really enjoyed my first watching NBA!
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STOMP, Exuberant Performance!

ミュージカル「STOMP」を観に行ってきました! NYに来て初めて、ようやく念願のミュージカルを体験しました。日本でもおなじみなので知ってる人も多いと思いますが、役者たちは全く声を発さず、自身の身体あるいはブラシやゴミ箱などを使って音楽を奏でるというパフォーマンスを披露します。
会場は思ったよりこじんまりしていて、後ろの方の席でしたがステージはけっこう近くに見えました。ブラシなどを使って激しく音を掻き立てるものもあれば、暗闇の中でライターだけを使って光のシンクロを見せるパフォーマンスもあり、彼らの息の合ったパフォーマンスに圧倒されっぱなしで、1時間半くらいのショーはあっと言う間でした。 最高にエキサイティングでセクシーなショーに魅了されました!

I went to STOMP a musical! I finally got a chance to see a musical which I had been eager to since I had come to NY. I guess many people have known it well because it's one of the most famous musical in Japan also, they perform that although the actors are never vocalize, make sounds with their own body or some items such as brushes or garbage cans.
The venue was smaller than I predicted, so I was able to see them from up close even though our seats were in the back of the venue. I was overwhelmed by their show that they pounded explosively or perform silently synchronized their movement with only lighters, and felt the show time when was about 1 and a half hours was really short. This night, I was literally attracted by the exciting and sexy show!

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AVATAR, the first and great movie for me!

ちょっと前になりますが、世界中で話題の映画「AVATAR」観てきました! もちろん日本でも大人気のようですね! アメリカに来て初めて映画館で映画を観ました。残念ながら字幕がないので正直内容ははっきりとはわかりませんでしたが、充分楽しめました! 話の流れはなんとなく映像を見てると想像出来るし、この3Dの映像がものすごく美しくてかなり刺激を受けました。他惑星の緻密な自然や生物の描写や、地球人たちが使っていた未来のテクノロジーを感じさせるバーチャルマップなんかに個人的に興味心身です。

A few weeks ago, I watched AVATAR which is the most popular movie in the world now! I heard that it's very popular in Japan also. It's the first time to watch a movie in the theater since I came to NY. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to understand the whole story but enjoyed it! The images helped me figure the story out, in addition this 3D images are amazing!! I was inspired so much!! I'm interested in delicate graphic depiction of the natures or creatures and the virtual maps which humans were using are feel us future technology in the movie.
The fee which costs about $13 regularly is cheaper than Japan because it costs about $18 regularly in Japan. AVATAR was more expensive because of 3D movie.
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Exciting Utada's Live!!

ニューヨークで宇多田ヒカルのライブがあったので行ってきました! 実際の所、日本でも彼女のライブは行ったことなく、ちょうどNYに来るということで観に行ったのですが、正直めちゃめちゃよかったです!!
会場はマンハッタンの「Irving Plaza」というライブハウスで、けっこう近くで観ることが出来ました。写真は会場のライブハウス入口。開演1時間半前に着いたのですがすでに長蛇の列! 客層はさまざまでアメリカ人の方が多かったですが日本人もけっこういました。

I went to Utada's Live in NY! Actually, I have never been to her live even in Japan but I got there because she just came here. It was so amazing! 
The venue was Irving Plaza live music club in Manhattan so I was able to see her from up close. The picture above is entrance of the live music club. I arrived there 1 and a half hours before starting the show but the line had already made so long line! There were a lot of American audiences include many Japanese.

彼女は海外ではUtadaという名前で活動していて英語だけのCDをリリースしているのでライブは英語だけなのかなとちょっと思っていたのですが、AutomaticやFirst Love、Can You Keep A Secret? などのヒットソングも含め、けっこうたくさんの日本の曲も歌ってくれました。個人的にはSakura Drops がかなりいい感じでした! 情緒的なメロディが日本を感じさせて、それをNYで聴くのがまたいい感じでした。。MCは基本英語でしたが、けっこう日本人も来てるということで、ちょくちょく日本語を交えて話してました。音楽でかなりリラックス出来たのと同時に、大勢の外国人の前で日本人が英語と日本語でパフォーマンスする様は英語を勉強しに来ている自分にとってとても刺激になったので最高にいい時間を過ごせました。このライブ以来、You Tube とかで毎日彼女の曲を聴くようになってしまいました(笑)

Hikaru Utada acts overseas also as Utada who releases some English CDs. So I supposed to she would sing only English songs this time but sang many Japanese songs also such as "Automatic", "First Love" and "Can You Keep A Secret?" Especially, my favorite was "Sakura Drops!" The sentimental melody reminds me of Japan, in addition listening to these songs in NY that made me more exciting! During this live, basically she spoke English but sometimes spoke Japanese also because there were many Japanese audiences. I could relax with listening to the good music at the same time, she who is a Japanese performed greatly in front of many foreign people that caused be inspired me very much. So I had a really great time. After that I have been listening to her songs on the net since I went there.
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Yankees vs Phillies の最終戦は、NY気分を満喫したいと思い、


第一打席からHR! ニューヨーカーたちも大興奮して喜んでいました!
そしてMVP! やりましたね。
翌日のNew York Timesなどの新聞各紙の1面を松井が飾っていました。


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